Sunday, April 28, 2013

A "Smart" Bit of Truth

Smart phones?  Yes, smart phones.  I never would have guessed this type of technology could be such a huge benefit to me.  The internet, Facebook and email accessibility...the calendars, reminders, on-the-spot photos...  The way we can use them is absolutely incredible!  However, I recently discovered a benefit I never could have imagined with smart phones...a benefit I've never even seen or heard marketed by Apple, Samsung or any of the major manufacturers of these great devices.

Now I saw the following video shared on my wife's Facebook account and, using my iPhone, I clicked on it to view whatever it was she decided to share with all her Facebook friends.  I thought, "Well if she thinks it's worth sharing, I better check it out."

Oh, how great smart phones are!  I can simply click a link to a video and before I can say, "Chowder," in a Boston accent (a stupid hobby of mine), the video is already playing on my phone.

Well, the unknown benefit to my iPhone was quickly realized as the video ended.  There I was with a black screen and no real applicable conclusion to the video, except for the heart-pumping "I'm going to change the world!" feeling raised by such videos.  Those feelings quickly subside, so really, I was left with an empty promise to myself and a blank screen.  To a smart phone junkie like myself, this was an unwelcome, uncomfortable, and somewhat nauseating feeling which I absolutely hate.  But there it was before me...a simple bit of truth...  With a black screen in front of me and nothing else to look at, I stared blankly at the reflection on the face.

Yes, with the message set before me and the conviction deep in my heart, I saw the true realization that who God was speaking to through this video was me.  Think about it.  How many times have you watched a deeply moving, heart-wrenching, convicting piece on Facebook or any other media stream, through the means of your cell phone, only to have the end-result be you looking at yourself through a $200+ mirror?

That end-result left me fathomed at how much I really focus on me.  How I look at nearly every decision as to how it would affect me.  How every dollar I may or may not hand to a homeless person will affect me.  How every time my wife wants some time away to reflect or refill might affect me.  How every time I choose to give up my free time for others' benefit might affect me.

Well, the time is now to change that whole load of crap.  The amazement I found in the reflection I saw in my "Smart Phone," wasn't based on an incredible app or what the phone's technology could provide me.  It was based on a simple was my face.  It was the realization that what I had encountered on the screen of my incredible phone had nothing to do with the phone.  It had absolutely nothing to do with Apple, the technicians or the designers behind the phone.  It did, however, have everything to do with the Creator.

I have every reason to believe that God had me watch this video on my phone, rather than a mega-pixel, high-def computer screen, for a huge reason...He wanted me to see my reflection.  The simple image everyone sees, or would see, when they have an in-person encounter with me.  The main thing that would identify me, if anyone saw me on the street.  Basically, how I'm seen through any eye that falls upon me.

The simple fact is this...I'm concerned with the now...with my enjoyment here on earth...with my playing golf twice a month...with my alone time...with the comfort and fulfillment in my day-to-day routine.  In actuality, as Mr. Chan would say, I'm concerned with the tiniest piece of my eternity and that is absolutely stupid.

Will I change?  I hope so.  I hope the reflection seen in my most prized material possession, will someday communicate a man who is confident when presented with such a challenge...such a truth.  Until then, I suppose what I look at on my phone, when it ends, will present a simple truth as to who I am and where my treasure lies (Matthew 6:21).  I hope and pray when each video I view on my phone ends, I will be able to consciously see where I'm at in my search for what God has for me.  I hope that reflection shows contentment and pride in what my God is doing in and through me.  I hope it shows a life filled with purpose!

So here's my challenge to you... What are you going to notice the next time that screen goes black after a video?  Will you see shame, conflict, sadness...or will you see thankfulness, contentment, gladness, etc...?  Better yet, will you allow whatever it is you see to change you into what you were meant to be?

Whatever you see, I hope it pushes you to excel in what it is your heart...not your mind...desires.  I hate to say it (screw's my pleasure to say it), but you were put here on this earth to help others and reap the benefits accordingly.  So do it!

PS...You really never know what technology will have to offer you or where it will take you.  For me, a simple reflection will be all I ever really need from it.  It has provided me with something programmers and designers probably never set as a goal...a mirror into my soul.  Cheers to Apple and Samsung and whatever other smart phone company is out there.  I raise this glass to you for creating a shiny, reflective screen, so I might see my faults.  I may be able to check the latest sports scores, email and Facebook on the go, but without that screen, I may never have seen my obligation and purpose played out.  Thank you!

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  1. Love you! When I see my reflection in the Iphone it reminds me of the same thing...and to put it down and look into the faces of those I love! <3