Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Countdown to Baby A…Day 7: You’re So Amazing!

“You’re saving a child?  You’re so amazing!”  This is often what Becca and I hear from a lot of folks, when we tell them we’re adopting.  It’s a nice thing for people to say and while we appreciate the kind words, they can sometimes get to your head.  I’ll admit, there have been times I’ve walked away from those conversations with my chest puffed up and my ego on high.

But here’s the truth… We’re not heroes or saviors or even wonderful, amazing people.  We’re two married people with the same thing placed on our hearts by God and while we realize we’re helping this sweet baby who has very little, we know we will be far more blessed by Baby A than she will be by us.  We knew that before bringing Jeremiah home 6 years ago and he has proven it time and time again.  So much so, that he’s the second biggest reason why we chose to go through the long, agonizing journey of adoption again.

The first reason why we chose to adopt again?  God.  This is further proof why we’re no saviors.  This wasn’t a decision Becca and I thought of one day and said, “Hey, lets go save a baby.”  Why?  Well, we’re very busy and both of us work a few jobs to try to maintain our financial well-being.  We like staying in our comfort-zone and the thought of adding anything to our plates isn’t necessarily attractive to us.

We’re as screwed up as anyone else out there.  We’re selfish and prideful and we screw up a lot…me more so than Becca.

The fact is God put this adoption and Baby A on our hearts.  It was Him!  She was born out of our hearts because, for one reason or another, God saw fit to bless us with her.  She is a gift straight from Him to us and she will continue to be as long as we live.  The only role, although very hard at times, we play in this whole process is that we chose to be obedient to what He called us to.

While it’s been difficult for us at many times over the last 2+ years, He’s stood right beside us and has gone before us throughout this entire journey.  You want a hero in this whole story?  Look up.

Make no mistake, we appreciate those kind words and encouragement.  We really do!  And know we don’t walk around thinking we’re terrible people, unworthy of a “Good job” every once in a while.  We know we are doing some good in the world, but we want the credit and praise placed not on us, but right where it belongs… and that’s on the One Who put this whole crazy plan in motion.

We thank God for this opportunity to parent such a sweet little innocent child and again, know she will teach us far more than we could ever imagine… and that’s honestly all we could hope or ask for through being her parents.

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